About Us


I'm licensed at coolcarguy.com 


What does that mean? 

CoolCarGuy.com is a unique automotive boutique that assists clients in buying, selling, trading, consigning and leasing vehicles. The dealership experience of CoolCarGuy.com centers around creating relationships with cool people and cool cars. Our business is almost exclusively repeat and referral. Our automotive boutique is designed for busy professionals and executives who don't have time to waste running around from dealership to dealership looking for vehicles on their own. 

We are the opposite of a more traditional car dealership that most people want to avoid. There are people who really like the experience of haggling with a car salesman. Most of The Cool Car Guy's clients do not and they want someone who will handle everything for them from start to finish.

You won't see a large inventory of vehicles at CoolCarGuy.com like a big box car dealership or online retailer. Most of The Cool Car Guy's clients contact us about a specific vehicle they are interested in rather than being sold a vehicle that they don't really want. 

  • Get the vehicle you want at the price you want and can afford.
  • Alternative financing using policy loans against your cash value life insurance.
  • Every make, model and price range available through unique sources.
  • We can source the right vehicle that fits your personality and needs.
  • Access to hundreds of thousands of vehicles from many sources, including exclusive nationwide dealer auctions, rental fleets and both new and used car dealership inventories.