Cash purchases are simple, and if you can afford it often the best way to go.  Find what you want, pay for it, and enjoy your vehicle.

However, many times you either don't have the cash to buy outright or it is serving you better in another form of investment.  That leaves you with the option to lease or finance the car.

Financing is just a way to spread the cost of the car over a set period of time.  We can set up financing for periods as long as 84 months with the most competitive interest rate available to you.  You make the monthly payments and at the end of the financing period you own the car outright.

Leasing is often more confusing, with more rules, fees, and variables for you to figure out.  It can be a great option however if you change cars frequently, drive less miles, have negative equity in your current vehicle, want to reduce risk, or want to minimize your monthly payments.  At the end of the lease period you typically turn the car back in to the leasing company and walk away. Let's talk about what is right for you and your family.