Going to the dealer can be one of the most frustrating, intimidating experiences a consumer can have.  We are the opposite of that.  No pressure means we work for you.  For example you know you need a new Ford F-150 Platinum in Black with the Dark Masala Leather, Technology and tow packages.  We can find that truck for you for the best price.  We have great relationships with many dealers in and out of state and can take the hassle out of buying a new vehicle.

However, many of our buyers don't want a brand new vehicle; no problem.  We can shop used from dealers around the country, and auctions to give you the best deal on a solid vehicle that meets all your needs.  We try to find vehicles that fit your budget, but are under factory warranty.  To give you more peace of mind we go a step further and complete a full safety inspection and oil change.  Depending on the car we may fix small problems, wash and detail the car and deliver it to your door.  We never buy salvage vehicles and get a complete autocheck on the background of the car and search for any outstanding recalls so there are no surprises. 


I proudly partner with . My license is under the dealership and allows us to have all the resources of a big dealership with a boutique experience tailored to you.


Finding the right car for you

Our Mission

Buying a new car from a dealer typically involves a high pressure sale.  You are looking at one dealer and therefore probably just one car.  You haven't tried other options and you're getting pushed to make a deal.  Wouldn't it be better to talk about all the possibilities, go to one spot and drive the cars you choose, on your schedule, with no pressure.  Wouldn't it be better to work with someone on your side who doesn't have a vested interest in one car or another?  Let's work together and do it the easy way.

We can get you financed, we can set up a lease, or we can do a cash deal.  Each of these buying options has a place and a purpose